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Department & Boards:

Maintenance -- The maintenance department is in charge of repair and maintenance of the water system, sewer system, streets, cemetery and parks.  In 2019-2020, the maintenance department's biggest project was the sewer improvement project which cost $1,812,000.  This project repaired leaking sewer lines by placing liners in the pipes and improved the lagoon system by eliminating two of the cells and putting a cover over the third cell and adding more aeration to the third cell.  With these improvements, the City lagoon system was able to meet Department of Natural Resources requirements concerning ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus rates as well as the amount of discharge at the end of the system.

Police --  The police department's supervisor is the elected marshal, who at this time is Rick Sheren.  The department's office is located at 141 N. Hickman St.  The department consist of the marshal and several reserve officers who work the evening and weekend shifts so that there is adequate protection/coverage for the residents of the City.

Library -- Puxico has the only operating library housed in a lob cabin in the state of Missouri.  The Puxico Public Library was  built as a Works Progress Administration project in 1939 from native cypress.  The  building formerly housed the Puxico City Hall.  An addition was added to 
the library in 2015-16 and was dedicated during the 2016 Homecoming.  This addition was built using funds provided by Norman Harty.  The Library has an ongoing engraved brick project.  People may donate funds to the library to have friends' and family members' names engraved on a brick that is then placed on a wall beside the library's front door.

Historical Museum -- The Berry-Glenn Historical Museum, located at 320 Highway 51 in Puxico, was made possible through the generous help of supporters and contributors.  A special "thank you" goes to John and Betty Berry Glenn, whose generous help pushed the project forward.  Displays celebrating Puxico's rich history may be viewed at the museum.  Normal business hours are Saturday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM & Sunday 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.  Telephone number: (573) 222-6951.

Nutrition Center -- The Nutrition Center is located at 335 N. Harty Street.  It serves meals for  senior citizens.  The Center is a part of the Southeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging which helps provide the center's nutrition services..  The building belongs to the City of Puxico with the Agency being given the right to use it.  Anyone wishing information on meals should contact the Center at 222-3089.

Fire -- the fire department is a very active part of the City.  The department has a fire chief and two assistant fire chiefs and several volunteer firefighters.  This is an all volunteer fire department that responds to not only fires within the City but  also to fires within the Puxico Rural Fire District.  Residents living in the rural area are asked to pay an annual rural fire fee ($35 for a residence) that will give the resident free firefighting services.  If the rural fire fee has not been paid, the fire department may charge the resident for the use department's equipment and firefighters.  Contact City Hall - 573-222-3162 - for information concerning rural fire fees.

Emergency Management  -- The Mayor is the City's emergency management director.  He works with the Stoddard County Emergency Management Director and his office to provide assistance to residents in times of emergency.  He also has information concerning floodplains in the Puxico area.  

Cemetery -- The Cemetery is located on the east side of the City. The Cemetery  contains a gazebo and several benches under shade trees.   A map of the Cemetery is located at City Hall.  Anyone wishing information concerning anyone buried in the Cemetery should contact City Hall during business hours (573-222-3162).  Cemetery plots may be bought at City Hall as well.

Parks  -- The City has four parks - Houck Park, Veteran's Park, Memorial (South) Park and Minnie Beard (Library) Park.   Houck Park and Memorial Park have pavilions and playground equipment.  The pavilions may be reserved for use at no charge by filling out a form at City Hall (573-222-3162).  Veteran's Park has a stage and covered seating area that may be reserved for a $50 fee.  Minnie Beard Park has playground equipment and park  benches in a shaded area.