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Agenda, November 19, 2020 Meeting

Notice of Open Meeting, City of Puxico Board of Aldermen
Thursday, November 19 2020, 6:00 p.m.

1.  Call to Order
2.  Roll Call
3.  Invocation
4.  Pledge of fAllegiance
5.  Announcements
6.  Adopt Agenda
7.  Approve October 15, 2020, Regular Meeting Minutes
8.  Approve Payment of Bills

9.  Business
     a.  City Mask Recommendations/Requirement
      b.  Fund Raisers
      c.  Maintenance Department
      d.  Police Department
      e.  Fire Department
      f.  Rights-of-Way, Streets and Sidewalks
      g.  Cemetery
      h.  Use of Historical Museum Parking Area by Food Truck
      i.  Ordinance 20-06 -- April 2021 Ballot Issue -- Forego Municipal Election If only One Candidate
      j.  Set Filing Dates for 2021 Municipal Elections

10.  Adjournment

Masks will be required to attend this meeting.  Temperature will be checked at the door for all attendees.