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Agenda, March 18 Board of Aldermen Meeting

Notice of Open Meeting of Board of Aldermen
Puxico City Hall
Thursday, March 18, 2021, 6 p.m.

1.  Call to Order
2.  Roll Call
3.  Invocation
4.  Pledge of Allegiance
5.  Announcements
6.  Adopt Agenda
7.  Approve Minutes of February 25, 2021 Special and Regular Meeting
8.  Approve Payment of Bills
9.  Chad Henson, Owner/Operator Henson Trash
10.  Department & Board Reports
       a.  Maintenance
            Water Bills
            Cemetery/Parks Erosion Problems
            Rights-of-Way, Streets and Sidewalks
       b.  Police
       c.  Animal Control
       d.  Fire
       e.  Library

11.  Unfinished Business
       a.  Residents' Notification of Water Problems and Other Needed Communications

12.  New Business
       a.  Ordinance 21-01, Eliminate Elected Judge's Position
       b.  Municipal Court State Requirements & Court Procedures
       c.  Library Computer Security System - Fortinet
       d.  Spring City-Wide Bulk Trash Pick-Up

13.  Adjournment