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E-Waste Recycling Day – April 27

The City of Puxico will be participating in an e-waste recycling day on Wednesday, April 27 sponsored by the Bootheel Solid Waste Management District. If you have a computer, TV, DVD player, speakers, printer, copier, ink cartridges, etc. that you wish to get rid of, the City will have a trailer placed on the City Hall parking lot on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, April 26 and 27, for you to put your items on.

A City employee will be taking the trailer to Dexter at 12 noon on Wednesday, April 27, to donate the items on the trailer for recycling. Be sure to place the items you wish to donate for recycling on the trailer either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning before noon.

Acceptable items include almost anything operating from a cord or battery, such as servers, desktop PC, laptops, netbooks, Macs, tablets, keyboards, mice, speakers, modems, routers, cables, software, TVs, Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD, laserdisc, VHS, Betamax, DVR’s, cable & satellite receivers, digital & film cameras, audio receivers, amplifiers, speakers, MP3 player, cassette deck, turntables, 8-track, boomboxes, microphones, mixers, rack equipment, DAW, printers, copiers, scanners, faxes, ink/toner cartridges, and lithium batteries.

Farmer's Market Opens Friday, June 3, South Park, 4-6 p.m.